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    Misao and Fukumaru.  “We will never be apart.”

    12 years ago, Japanese photographer, Miyoko Ihara (伊原 美代子) started to take photographs of her grandmother, Misao. Born in 1981 in Chiba (Japan), Miyoko Ihara has studied under Kenji Higuchi (樋口健二), after graduating from the Press Photography Course at the Nippon Photography Institute in 2002. Miyoko is also a member of The Photographic Society of Japan.”

    “Under the sun, everyday is a good day. Another good day, Fukumaru”, Misao. Eight years ago, Misao found a odd-eyed kitten in the shed. She named the cat “Fukumaru” in hope that “God of fuku” (good fortune) comes and everything will be smoothed like a “maru” (circle)”.

    “We’ll never be apart!”, says Misao to Fukumaru. Both of them live in a tiny world, with dignity, with mutual love. Still today, under the blue sky, Misao and Fukumaro work in the fields and in these natural surroundings, where they shine like the stars.”

    Sources: asianoffbeat.com


    Website: whitemanekicat.p1.bindsite.jp

    ahhhhh oh my god I want a cat so bad these are so incredible (y’all should view them full size, they don’t look as good from the thumbnails)


    Ohmigod the b&w kitten one. All the creyes

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